General Public

General Public are a key component in the fight against child abuse. Here is how you can be One with Courage.

Learn the signs and symptoms

 Learn the signs and symptoms of abuse and stop abuse in its tracks.

Download and share the printable document about the signs of abuse (PDF)

 Download information here

Members of the media

If you are a member of the media, assist in locating low cost print, radio, television or outdoor advertising space for the purpose of the One with Courage campaign.

Minimize opportunity

Put limits on one-adult/one-child situations, even with authority figures. By establishing clear rules and boundaries like this, the risk of abuse is reduced. Set an example by personally avoiding one-adult/one-child situations with children other than your own. Think carefully about gatherings and encourage group participation whenever possible.

Support community education through Children’s Justice Centers (CJC)

CJCs provide a single point of entry for both prevention education and effective, meaningful intervention, support and resources for child abuse victims.

 Find a local CJC near you

Get involved

Get involved by donating your time and resources to support organizations such as these: prevention programs, Children’s Justice Centers, crisis information and referral services, rape crisis centers.

Use your voice

Use your voice to make your community a safer place for children. Ask that schools and organizations in your community have child sexual abuse prevention policies, and help with their creation. Ask other adults to do the same.

Support legislation that protects children

Call on your legislators to support legislation that protects children, provides services to victims, and holds perpetrators accountable.

Write to your local elected officials and media

Write editorials and speak about support of One with Courage to members of the media, and write or directly contact your local government officials regarding this issue and the campaign. When the community becomes aware of the danger to its’ members, action is taken. By giving sexual abuse victims a voice, advocacy and change are more likely to occur.

Act on suspicions

Many of those who sexually abuse children have multiple victims. You may be faced with a situation where you suspect abuse. Suspicions are scary, but trust your instincts. Have the courage to report suspected abuse. The future well-being of a child may be at stake.


Remember, you are obligated by law to report suspected child abuse.

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