Leaders of Youth Activities

Informed leaders are a key component in the fight against child abuse. Here is how you can be One with Courage!

You have a great impact on a child’s life

As a leader in a youth organization, you have a great impact on a child’s life. As coaches and mentors, you should learn the signs and symptoms of abuse and know how to correctly make a report. This might not only help a child find safety, but also to encourage the healing services and intervention needed to positively impact their long term well-being.

Have the Courage to Report

When faced with the decision to report, focus on the long-term impact of untreated trauma and the importance of reporting abuse so that children and families can ultimately receive healing services provided by a local Children’s Justice Center. Think of yourself as helping the family, not interfering.

Minimize opportunity

Put limits on one-adult/one-child situations, even with authority figures. By establishing clear rules and boundaries like this, the risk of abuse is reduced. Set an example by personally avoiding one-adult/one-child situations with children other than your own. Think carefully about gatherings and encourage group participation whenever possible.

Download and share the printable document about the signs of abuse (PDF)

 Download information here

Contact your local Children’s Justice Center (CJC)

Contact your local Children’s Justice Center (CJC) to find out how you can be more involved, volunteer, and/or serve on the board.


Remember, you are obligated by law to report suspected child abuse.

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